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Flower Tummy

13 September 1985
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Hello everyone! My name is Rachel (or you can call me Rach if you want--I really have no opinion). You may ask why I would choose the screenname of flower_tummy? It's because I think the Care Bear name Friend Bear is awfully cute! And he has two flowers on his stomach. But just FYI, I'm not really into Care Bears. I just happen to have received a small stuffed Friend Bear as a gift, and noticed him when I was trying to think of a name.

I'm a 21 yr. old college student/full time worker. I currently majoring in 'Computer Informations Systems,' but that's actually more of a Plan B for my life. After I graduate with that, and then a few more years down the road, I want to go to the New York Film Academy. I'm also [re-]training to be a manager at my job. All in all, my life has been extremely busy lately and I'm learning to cherish any and all free time I can get.

I'm a writer. Hopefully a professional writer someday. But for now I write mostly fanfiction with a little bit of Original work thrown in here and there.

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my pet!